Enhancing blockchain technology
with innovative PoS v3 consensus algorithm.
Notaryze, store data, verify.

Decentralized Network Model

  UTXO Model Accounting

Transactions represent changes in the UTXO set. Concepts of account and balance are handled by higher abstractions, like wallets, which locate all UTXO’s under control of an address and aggregate them to display an account balance. Already fully compatible with Bitcoin based technologies like Lightning Network.
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  EVM - Ethereum Virtual Machine

Includes native ERC20/ERC721/ERC1155 support and software platform that developers can use to create decentralized applications (DApps). Managed code has no network access and acts independently: the virtual machine is where all Revo accounts and smart contracts live.
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  AAL - Account Abstraction Layer

As the name states, abstracts the concept of Accounts away from the implementation, allowing virtual machines to run atop the UTXO model that powers Revo. Initially developed by Qtum core.
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  Decentralized Storage

Innovative distribuited solution that guarantees 100% uptime and redundancy. Store unlimited data on Revo's public decentralized storage system or create your own private storage nodes cluster.
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  Compatible Ecosystem

Revo is layered to fullfill compatibility needs for any kind of software providing secured SSL api to write and call data using web,software and iOT Devices. Open Source software allows Revo to interact with major wallets and create protected transaction completly offline.
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Our journey just begun

Only 80 mA (0.4W) to deploy a Full Node

Become a part of a truly public blockchain ecosystem at no cost. Build your full node and control it using WiFi on a single Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. Say goodbye to expensive hardware setups.
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  • Do it Yourself!

    Start by simply flashing a pre-built ISO file or compile your own following our Wiki

  • Monitoring

    Check your stats on web interface locally or publish your node straight on the internet

  • Noiseless

    Litte as a credit card, it can fit anywhere

  • Power usage

    Consume less than 1,5$ of electricity per year. Can run days over power bank or micro solar panel

  • Connectivity

    It can be powered by any USB 2.0 outlet at your home or office. Supports 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz WiFi networks

  • Environmental Friendly

    Low carbon footprint

Low EVM Gas Schedule model

"Hello World! "
~ 0.00000073 RVO
*current average price to store a single string on Revo network
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